• Posted on: 24 September 2016

Agarwood grows quickly in south Asian belt- Countries and its home to many Like, Cambodia, Thailand,Indonesia, Vietnam, India and Sri Lanka.. We Have experienced many Plant sales from our Main nursery In Kuttipuram-Kerala and Sub-Nursery in Mangaon, Maharashtra . These plants are distributed to many states, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madyaprdesh, Gujarat and Hariyana. We request the Plant recipients to keep a record of their trees from the 2nd Year onward. The Plants leaving our nurseries are around 6-8 months old and 1-1.5 ft High. Hence in another 4-5 months time the trees are just 01 year old, In another 12 months the monitoring should start to record the Growth patterns. >>> Remember - 1) Cleaning - Keep the outer ring of the Agarwood Plant free from Weed. 2) Fertilizer - Cow-dung + Compost Mix as the fertilizer twice /thrice a year. 3) Watering - 2-3 Litters a day Water per day/Per plant in the summer time in the First year and Second year on-wards 1-litter per day/per plant in Summer season. 4) Pruning - From 2nd year on-wards , watch out for extra branches/damaged/dead ones from main stem. Prune ( Cut) them keeping the main branch/Stem. Do not tear the Bark when Cutting the branches. Start pruning from down -up. Do not Prune closer to the Crown of the tree. The idea should be to have a straight stem without disturbing the growth of the tree and its metabolism. 5) Measure your Tree annually. Pls send the details in a XL sheet to us at Agarwoods Kerala. We are more than happy to advise u. 6) Watch out for Leaf discoloration, withering, bulk leaf falling, dead branches. Pls inform us if any of above is noted well in advance. It is normal that the leaf falling is experience during certain seasonal timings, and it is normal also to experience the leaf falling as soon as it is planted. The new green leaf will start after that with plant settling in and receiving enough water. 7) We are there to help you. We are interested in professionally growing Agarwood as equal as you. Hence do not hesitate to Contact us if you need any clarification. You can also request for our Agarwood Hand book, which can be sent to you by mail. 8) Contacts - @ K.P.Shamsudheen- Managing Director Contact Details - Mobiles INDIA - +91 9846 80 33 33 INTERNATIONAL +91 9747 80 33 33 @ H.K.Rohana - Consultant / CEO Contact details - Mobiles INDIA - +91 8086 80 33 33 SRI LANKA - +94 77 605 38 97 @ K.V.K MOIDU - Operations Manager Contact details- Mobile INDIA - +91 9745 80 33 33 @ PRAVEEN KUMAR - Sales/Technical Executive Contact Details- Mobile INDIA - +91 9048 80 33 33 @ AWK OFFICE - 10.00 to 17.00 Hrs ( Mon-Sat) PERINTHALMANNA MALAPPURAM DISTRICT KERALA -679322 Contact Details - Office Fixed Phone +91 49 33 29 77 33 HAPPY PLANTING ! "From The House Of Agarwoods Kerala...!!!

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