KSL Agrotech in Mumbai tie up with Agarwoods Kerala to Start Agarwood Cultivations in Maharashtra-INDIA.

  • Posted on: 20 July 2016

Mr. Siddharth Lodha Son of Mr. Suresh Lodha , Managing Director of Kanakraj Lodha Group Of Companies visited Agarwoods Kerala office and witnessed its proceedings in Agarwood "Soil to Oil" operations.

Mr.Siddharth of KSL-Agrotech Company - Mumbai will soon start his Agarwood Plantation in Roha -MH. Recently His first stock of Saplings departed from AWK - Sub Nursery in Mangaon-Raighad District .

Seen here Mr.Siddharth, His Plantation Manager engaged in discussion with AWK, MD-Mr. Shams Bin Aboobacker at AWK Head office In Kerala.

The delegation visited the Main Nursery, a Plantation and was convinced of the professional approach in AWK in introducing viable agarwood cultivation projects in India.

Mr.Siddharth, Said that AWK has convinced him beyond all the doubts he had on Agarwood ,Hence placed an order for Saplings with advance payment on the spot to start off his Agarwood Planting Journey step by step , over 100 Acres in Roha, MH.We at AWK wish him...................Happy Planting Dear Siddharth !

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