Agarwoods (Kerala) Plantations Pvt. Ltd  is a company registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956,  primarily aims at the promotion of Agarwood cultivation and the production of various by-products of it by giving support and guidance to farmers at various stages from cultivation to finished final products.

History: We started our firm the Agar Woods Kerala, based at Kumily in Idukki district with another operating center in Palaghat district, in the year 2007 as a research based organization for conducting programmes leading to the introduction and evaluation of agar wood cultivation in the farm lands of Kerala state as well as for promoting the commercial cultivation of it in all the suitable agro-climatic zones.

In the early stages itself, we had tested  the  suitability of Agarwood trees in almost all agro-climatic zones of the state and found it as the best alternative to all the problems faced by the different crops and the different agricultural practices by the farmers in the state.

Now, in the grown-up stage, as a government registered company, Agarwoods (Kerala) Plantations Pvt. Ltd have our registered office at Koottanadu, in Palaghat district and have a strong support network of dealers spanning all the districts in Kerala state as well as a national level operating team comprising of state-wide distributors in other states in India.

Support Network: Agarwoods (Kerala) Plantations Pvt. Ltd has a dealer network covering all the 14 districts of Kerala as well as a number of franchisees under each district dealer.  We have widened our operations and have some state-wise distributors or tie-up with state governments or such governmental implementing agencies like Universities, Agricultural departments etc. for research, development and implementing processes in various places in India as well as countries like Sri Lanka, various Gulf countries etc.

Waht is Agarwood? 

AGAR WOOD (Aloeswood or  Eaglewood or Gaharu or Oudh) known as “the wood of Gods

The resinous, fragrant heartwood produced primarily by trees in the genus Aquilaria. This valuable and highly fragrant wood has been used in many ways for over two thousand years, especially as incense in Buddhist, Hindu, and Islamic traditional ceremonies, and as a significant component of traditional Ayurvedic, Tibetan and Far Eastern medicine and Middle Eastern perfumes.

What we do at Agarwoods (Kerala) Plantations Pvt. Ltd 

Supply of Quality Seedlings

Planting Consulting

Artificial Inoculation, Fungal Treatment

Buy-back of mature wood

Production of value added or by-products

Need based visits to sites on farmer’s request

Support from planting to harvesting through the support network.

Agarwoods (Kerala) Plantations Pvt. Ltd  – the Agarwood Companion of the world

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